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We are strong in engaging and building lasting relationship with customers as well as enabling partners across Asia.

Our coverage on verticals are Telco, FSI (Finance, Securities & Insurance), MRD (Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution) and Shipping/Logistics (End-to-end ERP with EDI) for solutions and services with SaaS, CRM, BI, Big Data, Cloud Managed Services and Analytics Platforms (Oracle, IBM, EMC, Cisco, AWS, Greenplum, Linux, and Huawei components).

We can provide solutions with SaaS DX, CRM platform, Global E-payment platform, Internet of Things (IOT) / Internet of Everything (IOE), Big Data and Augmented/Virtual Reality solutions.

We are driven by values

Core values are an essential piece of culture within any company. In the tech industry, the top core values for technology companies set the stage for day-to-day activities and company culture. Core values are the driving force behind the behaviors and actions of a company.

Pursue Excellence

We are driven by the value of creating exceptional experiences for customers. This sets the bar high and encourages us to strive for excellence in all we do.


We build our company culture around finding meaning and making an impact through our work whether it’s within the company itself or the surrounding community.


It’s a good value as it can significantly drive growth. Having this suggests there’s real intent and focus on pleasing customers in every engagement they have with the business.

Partner with us

We work with other IT agencies to support transformation and digitalisation. We work via three models: project manager, consultant and resource-provider.

We are keen to continue learning from the best practices of high-performing organisations. Willing to share your innovative organisational practices with us? We work with our private sector partners in both formal and ad-hoc advisory roles. Contact us at info@virtuallogic.net to learn more.

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